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Diane Richards, MA, M.Ed

About Diane


Diane is an internationally renowned and highly sought after evidential medium, educator,

energy healer, and author who has trained with some of the best teachers, such as

Dr. Brian Weiss, Tony Stockwell, Dr. Carole Carbone, James Van Praagh, Reverend Janet Nohavec and numerous Arthur Findlay tutors.

She is certified as a psychic counselor with the International Association of Past Life Therapists

and a certified Reiki Master as well as having degrees in education and leadership.

 Diane combines her formal and practical education with her intuitive gifts and talents

to help others on their journey of self discovery.

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Available Now on Amazon

Finding Emelyn

A Memoir published by Waterside Productions.


What happens when an everyday New Jersey workaholic woman attends a workshop with Dr. Brian Weiss and experiences a past life regression that leaves her searching for answers she had kept buried behind carefully built internal walls? 


She crumbles. She lets go. 


She journeys into a world where she must confront ghosts

from her past, connect with spirt and embrace a lifeshe has been avoiding for years.

She discovers Emelyn and her life changes forever. 

This gripping memoir reveals the human connection throughout history and the results of what can happen when the past is healed, spirt is embraced, and ego is no longer driving one’s life

Finding Emelyn

This riveting book reads like a novel, but it contains astonishing evidence of the continuity of consciousness beyond the body.  By sharing her poignant journey of healing and awakening to her soul’s innate gifts, Diane Richards makes the Greater Reality not only believable, but accessible in this must-read memoir.  Her extraordinary experiences in uncovering a past life and the lessons it reveals for all of humanity make Finding Emelyn a stand-out in reincarnation literature.” 


Suzanne Giesemann 

author of Messages of Hope and Still Right Here


Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression Therapy

Connect with your past, 

your present,

your inner child,

your higher self.


Mediumship Reading



loved ones, the other side and

your higher self.








Connect with purpose,

spirit, yourself, and

like minded people


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Classes & Workshops

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help you


to your higher self

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Mary Beth Robinson

Diane is the most amazing

medium I have ever been with. She is the real deal and I love her so much!  



Jacob Cooper

 I have had the privilege of being read by Diane a few times  Her degree of empathy, professionalism and knowledge  is unparalleled. She delivers inspirational messages from loved onesl with not only profound degrees of accuracy, but in a fitting and sensitive language that each sitter will be responsive to. Having a reading from Diane feels as if the gates of heavens have opened and your soul family, angels and spiritual team are all right with you.  I cannot speak higher volumes of the life changing impact that this wonderful soul has had on my life and so many others.


Lisa Logan

Diane Richards is the real deal—my reading with her blew me away and I’m still listening to the replays! The reading healed my heart. It reconnected me to a love I once knew and now know again. I am forever grateful.


Alyse Marselle

We just finished the Spirit Circle with Diane Richards and look—I knew I believed in mediums but I was flat out SHOCKED at the detail she knew and provided me. I don’t even know what to say; I’m overwhelmed. If you want to get a great reading, she’s who to go to. I was told that Diane was the real deal but it’s a totally different feeling to experience it for myself.”


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with Kristin Taylor

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Evidential Mediumship: Diane Richards

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Peggy Robinsom

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