Psychic Medium Classes

Meditation by the Sea

Psychic Development 101

Guidance & Inspiration

Many of us are becoming more aware and curious about our intuition. Learning to trust and listen to our intuition can help guide us in any area of life to what feels right, true and aligned. Did you know we ALL have “psychic” abilities? It’s just that we can block those gifts through our own fear, doubts or self-limiting thoughts. The good news is that we can clear our third eye and develop our intuition to not only help ourselves, but also to help guide others in need of assistance in their own lives. This class will provide students with the tools for understanding how psychic abilities work and how to use them.

This class meets twice in one week.

Exchange: $50

Reaching Out to the Sun

Introduction to Mediumship

Quiet the Mind so the Soul 
Can Speak

Spiritual messages come to us in many ways such as a feeling, a thought, a vision, or a knowing. They can direct us to pay attention to things, people, places and situations that inspire us, help & teach us, or connect us with individuals who have crossed over.

The topics covered include:

• Building your power & sensing energy

• Types of Mediumship 

• The mechanics of mediumship (how it works)

• How you personally receive information and inspiration

• How to conduct a reading

• Trusting your intuition

• Message sharing

This class meets twice a week for three weeks.

Exchange: $150


Intermediate Mediumship Class

Expanding Your Horizons

This intermediate level mediumship class helps student mediums expand their ability to receive evidential, identifying information from the spirit world. Students will gain greater fluency and accuracy in their work with Spirit.  This is an experiential workshop with lots of practice opportunity. Specific tools and processes will be given to strengthen and expand your mediumship.

This class meets twice a week for three weeks.

Exchange: $150