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Retreats are an opportunity to let go of everyday concerns and fully immerse yourself in the present. When you set aside this time for yourself, you set the stage for deeper levels of relaxation, awareness, and insight. Retreats with Diane will help you discover how cultivating your connection with Body, Mind and Spirit will help you release negative patterns that may be blocking your ability to connect with your authentic/higher self. These retreats take place in beautiful locations throughout the United States and the world. A retreat with Diane is a life changing experience.


2020 Retreats

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, retreats for 2020 have been cancelled until further notice.


Previous Retreats


Sedona, Arizona: January, 2020

What makes a Spiritual Retreat so special is that it’s all about discovering you! With attention from Diane and other master practitioners, you will be exposed to many experiences to help achieve a profound shift of consciousness.

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